About us

We have nurtured life in our local communities and survived through numerous periods of history.

 Cancer has been a part of human history since the beginning of time, but with the progress of medicine, it is no longer a deadly disease. The number of people living with cancer in the community has increased, and although it has become a familiar illness, we still do not fully accept this reality.

The disease of cancer is deeply influenced by people’s lifestyle and culture over a long period of time, including genetic predisposition and lifestyle, and reminds us of our connection with our loved ones.

In order to protect the precious life of each and every one of us, we would like to learn from each other beyond national boundaries. How can we face the past, weave the future, and survive? The difficulties bring people together and the dialogue is open to the future.

History of the Asian Cancer Forum

The Asian Cancer Forum was established in 2004 as the Asian Cancer Information Network in collaboration with the Asian High-Tech Network Conference (Prof. Jun Miyake, Osaka University).

In 2007, the Abe/Wen Jiabao meeting led to a policy proposal for the Japan-China Medical Initiative, and the Asian Cancer Information Network Conference was held in Nanjing, China. Since 2008, the Forum has been renamed the Asian Cancer Forum, and has held a series of policy advocacy roundtables with experts from Japan and overseas.

We have also conducted cancer prevention education projects in elementary and junior high schools in rural areas of China, awareness surveys, and research on make-up support for cancer patients.

In April 2010, we launched a joint project with the Center for Contemporary Korean Studies at the University of Tokyo as a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation in cancer research, based in the Akaza Laboratory of the Department of International Strategy for Comprehensive Cancer Research, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo. We also hold workshops such as “Who owns the information on my body? and other events.

We were also in charge of the winter semester course “Cultural and Human I am in charge of “Advanced Informatics I”, a course offered in the winter semester of “Japan and Asian Studies” at the University of Tokyo.

The East Asian region is one of the only regions in the world that has not been spared from the grudges of the past century, such as the historical perception problem related to the last World War and the ideological conflicts caused by the Cold War structure.

In the midst of this “twisted phenomenon”, we will introduce the Asian Cancer Forum and discuss how to overcome the “twists” of globalism and nationalism.

The aim of the conference is to gain comprehensive knowledge and perspectives on a variety of social values.